Performance Evaluation Standards for the HEIs at a Glance

Various performance evaluation standards outlining major area to be focused on by the HEIs for evaluation of their effectiveness and future development given below:

A total of eleven standards are defined in this document and all the eleven standards are equally important for GIFT University.

Standard 1:
Mission Statement and Goals

Standard 2: Planning and Evaluation

Standard 3: Organization and Governance

Standard 4: Integrity

Standard 5: Faculty

Standard 6: Students

Standard 7: Institutional Resources

Standard 8: Academic Program and Curricula

Standard 9: Public Disclosure & Transparency

Standard 10: Assessment & Quality Assurance

Standard 11: Student Support Services 

University Portfolio Report

The University Portfolio Report needs to be prepared before the visit of IPE Manual. GIFT University Gujranwala has prepared and provided UPR to IPE Team in second month of year 2020. 

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Institutional Performance Review Process

The institutional review process that consists of a University Portfolio Report and a team visit provides the institution with performance indicators which will permit to look at the university critically, to have input from an external review team, and to take the necessary steps towards continuous quality improvement. This review process which will take place periodically is of vital importance to all universities that desire to meet international standards.

In order to achieve the desired objectives of IPE Reviews, the university must provide the answers to the questions listed in conjunction with each of the standards as well as the university data which is requested by the university.  This University Portfolio Report needs to be prepared before the visit of IPE Review Panel. The IPE Review Panel will be at university for three days.

The purpose of such a review is not to bestow praise nor is it just to find fault. It is to be an honest appraisal of where there are existing strengths and where there is a need for improvement. External peer review is vital to a high-quality university that seeks to nurture a culture of continuous appraisal and improvement.

Pre-Visit Process

a)   Role of University

  1. The university has to prepare a “University Portfolio Report (UPR)”. It comprises of information about the university mostly based on answers to questions that have been provided at the end of each standard in the manual. It also mentions where the supporting documents that may be needed by review panel are placed in the room set aside for them. Each standard will be its own chapter in the UPR.
  2. A separate room is required for IPE review panel, where all the documents related to University Portfolio Report, is placed. 
  3. There is no need to prepare the photocopies of the documents/evidences as no documents will be taken out of the room.
  4. The room for the IPE Review Panel will have a table for each standard and the folders containing the information are to be clearly numbered. Sufficient office space within the room for all Panel members is to be provided.
  5. Proper electrification for laptops/computers, internet facility and printout facility are also required in the room.
  6. In addition, any written reports, power-point presentations, or other information that IPE Review Panel have not requested but that the administration feels would be relevant to our review should be placed in the room.
  7. One soft copy and six hard copies of the University Portfolio Report will be provided by the university.

b)   Role of IPE Review Panel

The original documents examined by the Review Panel and all discussions conducted with officials/students will be confidential. Individual names will not be mentioned in the report.

Role of HEC

  1. The focal person/s designated by university to deal with IPES would be provided assistance by HEC, if required. This would involve the focal person/s visiting HEC at Islamabad. Alternatively. HEC representative would be available to visit the University for meeting the focal person/s for a single day.
  2. Sharing of UPR with the IPES Review Panel members at least 4 weeks before the scheduled visit.
  3. IPES Review Panel will review the UPR and ask the additional information from the university (if required) through QAA, within two weeks.
  4. Meeting of Review Panel at HEC or Via video conference one week before the visit.

Review Process

  1. Review panel will works on the evidences provided against each standard (09:00 am to 11:30 am).
  2. Meeting with Senior Faculty representatives (11:30 am to 12:30 pm).
  3. Lunch and Pray Break (12:30 pm to 01:30 pm).
  4. Meeting with Junior Faculty representatives (01:30 pm to 02:30 pm).
  5. Panel Meets with the Admin (Registrar, Head of Finance, Director P & D and Controller Examination) (02:30 pm to 03:30 pm).
  6. Panel meets with the Vice Chancellor (03:30 pm to 04:00 pm).
  7. The 1stDraft of IPE Review Report
  • Draft Report will be prepared as per the format approved by the competent authority at HEC.
  • The IPE Review Panel members will complete the draft of the report before the exit interview with the Vice Chancellor of the university.
  • In the exit interview, Review Panel will share the salient features with the Vice Chancellor (and/or his team) and handover the draft report to the Vice Chancellor to correct the “Error of Facts” (if any).
  • Vice Chancellor will submit the corrections (if any) to team leader with in the three days.

Post Visit Activities

  1. Meeting of Review Panel at HEC or via video conference to conclude the report.
  2. Team Leader will submit the report to QAA for further submission to competent authority at HEC for the approval.
  3. After the approval, IPE Review report will be shared with university.